JAG, Oxygen, and Designers

As I told you on my last post, my fashion buddy Akiko and I planned on not attending Day 4 but we got tickets for the Oxygen fashion show so off we went to SMX! We decided to go casual since we’re only watching 2 shows and Oxygen is an RTW brand that is known for their basics. But of course it’s fashion week we’re talking about here so stylish we must be! We got there earlier than expected so we went inside the Superb bazaar to kill time and shop for a little, and because we don’t have invites for the JAG show until a few minutes before the show started, someone handed us VIP tickets! SCORED! I’d like to think we luckily got those because we looked like the most stylish sisters. Hihi. 

Trying on shoes at the Superb bazaar. The most comfortable heel-less shoes ever. Look at my killer legs! lol. Will definitely save up for these. Order them from Vishoes!


JAG wanted to start their show the same time as Oxygen’s just so the ones that have invites to both shows wouldn’t make it to the next one. Yikessss.

Wil Devaughn. This show was star-studded! 

Natasha Bautista.

Kristian, this is for you! LOL

Ferocious skinny jeans = WANT.

My seatmate’s foot on the left. Hhhhmmm girl, I like your shoes! But please cut your toenails. Hahahaha!

Bb. Pilipinas - Universe and Thomasian Cum Laude, Janine Tugonon. All of the new Bb. beauties + Ms. Universe 3rd placer Shamcey Supsup were present but I only got a clear shot of Janine. 

We only stayed for the first 15 mins. of the show because we wanted to catch Oxygen from the start. Hihi. 


Oxygen was was jam-packed and we were standing already. Told the bouncer we’re VIPs so he put us front and center even though there were no seats anymore. >:) lol

And because of that, I got to take good photos for you guys! 

Don’tcha think Danica Magpantay’s too thin this season? Kinda creepy. :|

So peplums are officially back! This season, Oxygen’s pieces are so chic! A very mod kind of dressing. Akiko and I were like, is this Oxygen? Haha!

Oooohhh, galaxy prints!

Some spotting after the first 2 shows! 

With Candy mag’s Fashion editor, Sam Potenciano! Finally got to have a photo with her! 

Looky who I spotted last fashion week, it’s Kristian and Bacs!!! They were our buddies that night. Watched all shows together! 

A close-up on their fab creepers. <3

Designers: Avel Bacudio, Chris Diaz, Eric Delos Santos, Raoul Ramirez

Angry Marina. lol. Kidding!

With Mega mag’s EIC, Ms. Sari Yap. She though Akiko and I were sisters! So kilig. :3

The ever-androgynous, Sir Andre Chang! 

Century Tuna Superbods 2012 winner, Monika Sta. Maria. She’s also from Manresa like Akiko!

With the woman who has the most defined cheekbones EVAH, Supermodel Ria Bolivar! Errrr, blurred. 

Akiko and I’s first late-night adventure deserves a separate post. Craziness together! <3 

P.S. Sorry for not updating much on my pfw posts. School just started and I hate the fact that I get home every single day so tired and so late. :( More to come!!


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Casually Preppy

Outfit of the day for Philippine Fashion Week Day 4! 

We we’re supposed to watch only one show on this day, the last show - and we actually planned on not watching it anymore - but then lucky us we got tickets to all shows! Will tell you more about that on my next post! The outfitey first. :p

Since this day was unplanned, we just went casual - but of course, it still needs to be stylish. After all, we were gonna go bongga and all out on our last day, PFW Day 5. I wanted to go preppy hence my button down being buttoned all the way up. Haha I just laughed at what I wrote. LOL. Wore my sparkly button down from Italy that I bought in ukay for 10 pesos. 10 freakin’ pesos! SCOREEEEEEED! You can’t see the details clearly but it’s really pretty. :) Ideally, I bought these shorts so that I can wear it with my corset when I want to feel all girly when going out. Finding more tops to pair these shorts with! :)

Bought my necklace in that thrift store in Laguna I was telling you guys about. My first snakeskin accessory ever! And I bought that skull and snake ring the same day in the Superb bazaar. So badasssss.

Akiko wanted to me to have shots while sitting down. Fail. Hahaha!

Thrifted from Italy button down | Forever 21 shorts | No brand, thrifted snakeskin necklace | Forever 21 animal print bag | From Super Sale bazaar cross ring | From Superb bazaar snake and skull ring | Yhansy multicolored skull ring | Bracelet, gift from mom | Primadonna nude chunky heels

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Just realized I wear a lot from F21 and my accessories for this outfit are so tough with the skulls. I feel like I’m a biker chick! Haha! 

School just started for me today so I’m apologizing now if i won’t get to update every once in a while. But I swear that I’ll do my best to blog more often. I’m so inspired right now *ehem ehem* and I wanna keep it that way. lol :p 


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Sony presents Premiere A, SM Ladies Fashion, and Designers

So here’s what went down on Day 2 of Philippine Fashion Week! 

Me pointing directions. *signs of a good driver. lolz* I can get really bossy. Hahahaha!

Mah girl and Tumblr blogger Isabel hitched a ride. Moved to the back of my car since she was in dire need of a makeover. Choz! Hi girl!

Saw mah boy Nico!! He’s part of the Remodel crew (and I’m so sorry for not blogging about it, it’s been months! i promise i will, soon!!) and he loves fashion too! Got him invites to fashion week and we watched the same designer shows together. :)

So while in line (i swear when i’m famous, me and my crew don’t need to line up anymore. dreaming’s for free!) we took photos and I finally met Nades! And this was also the first time she and Isabel were meeting each other. New buddy! :D

Lace ladies. Swear, we didn’t plan on wearing lace altogether! Haha!

Not the best seats to take photos but the 4th row will do. 

Sony presents Premiere A collection: Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio, and Xernan Orticio

It’s sad my photo doesn’t give justice to how pretty these leggings are. :(

We’re crazy together. <3

The girl in the back, my friend Patricia Go!! <3

All red from Xernan Orticio. Clean, crisp, geometric lines are becoming his trademark!

SM Ladies Fashion (by this time, my camera died on me. sucks! so I used Akiko’s cam to take photos. all SM runway photos from her. :)

First off, yummy Parisian shoes! Hence the models wearing only underwear. Hihi. 

One of my favorites, Jessica Yang and Marita Ganse. <3

Up next, the clothes!!

Valerie Weignmann


Avonlea Paraiso

And I wish I was 5’8 tall. Le sigh. I believe tatangkad pa ako. Hihi.

The scarf-print trend is really in right now and I can wait to get my hands on those!

Reminds me so much of the Salvatorre Ferragamo houndstooth print. 

And now, for some spotting!

With one of my idols, Alyanna Martinez. Weeee <3

Mother Divine!!! She told me and Akiko we looked so cute. Shuckssss. <3

With Barbie Forteza. Didn’t know she was that small in real life. We kinda look alike in this photo. wew. :))))

Model Samantha Humphries! She got me in this make-up project but had to back out ‘cause I have braces. Oh well, still, thank you!! <3

Designers for that night: Ronaldo Arnaldo, Arnold Galang, Jun Jun Cambe, M Baretto

I will never ever forget to charge my camera. Haha! 


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What I wore to Philippine Fashion Week Day 2! :)

I was so tired with the high-low skirts and found them to be too common already so, I turned them sideways! Remember: always be efficient! Let your creative juices flow. lol :) 

A teaser of what my buddies wore at Day 2! :>

No brand, thrifted lace corset | No brand, thrifted mullet skirt turned sideways | Forever 21 silver clutch | Forever 21 butterfly connector ring | Charriol bracelet from mom | The Ramp mary jane peep toe platform heels 

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Oh, and I was wearing my new polish from Revlon, Stormy! Finally found the perfect gray polish! Yaaaayyyyy! <3 Also, I can’t wait to do swatch posts again! :3

I am no photographer but I love taking photos, and I’m actually good at it (well, in my own opinion). Haha! But when others take my photos (not including my friends who take really good photos), they don’t get to take the ones I envision so I apologize for lack and quite crappy photos. Ugh, I need to tag a long someone who can take really good photos - with or without a dSLR. Nyahaha.

About 3 weeks ago, I was supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdowm (this theme park that everyone loves here in the Philippines) with le fashion buddy Akiko but they didn’t let her out - go to EK with just me and the driver? Hell no. No freakin’ way. Hahahaha! So I just went around Laguna and shopped at Paseo and Nuvali. I didn’t know they had so much thrift stores! The clothes are so nice and at dirt cheap prices too! At that moment, I saw it as an opportunity to buy new outfits for fashion week. My money for having fun on rides went to having fun thrift shopping outside Manila. Haha! Bought my corset for 400 pesos and mullet skirt for 450. Awesomesauce! I’ll share more of my thrifted outfits in the coming posts. :)


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The Ramp Crossings Holiday 2012

First off, I have a confession: I’m so sorry I didn’t get to blog about The Ramp’s first fashion show last season during fashion week. I got so busy with school and laziness just won over me. Le sigh. :( Oh well. 

So The Ramp had a sophomore fashion show to showcase more of what they can offer this PFW Holiday 2012. This collection is TDF, and was even made more awesome by the fact that it was styled by THE Daryl and Andre Chang. Sweet! 

Got 3 tickets for this show and of course, does this girl need an introduction? Brought my fab fashion buddy Akiko with me! Y’all know she’s like an itinerary to fashion week and other fashion related events I go to. She brought along her cousin Jeallie, since her mom couldn’t make it. Let’s drool over the clothes, shall we? But first, I’ll share our photos. Haha!

Since we we’re only watching one show on that day, we wanted to go casual but still chic. 

Ugh, isn’t she so pretty? <3 Any cute guys reading this blog of mine? If you need a date for your prom or grad ball, gimme a holler! lol (im serious. haha!)

Last season, we got to sit in the second row and we were craning up our necks but we loved it! This season, I noticed that stage is much lower and wished we got to sit at like the third or 4th row. 

Looky, there was catering! Thank God because I was hungry! lol! Bizu food and pastries are the best! And I love fashion shows with food. Nyahaha <3

Spotted: Ms. G Tongi. My mom used to hang out with her in Wensha spa back when we lived in QC. She said they always had a shiatszu massage together. (nice one motherrrrrr)

And now, the clothes!

Peplums are back! And they’re not just in skirts anymore! 

Shiny shimmering shoes!

The Ramp kiddies! Recognized most of them ‘cause my sister modeled with them last season in SM Kids Fashion. 

Irish Ong.

Philippe Escalambre. (Akiko was surprised I know almost every model and who’s who in the front rows of the shows we watched. Hehe. :3)

This is the dress I’m drooling over. :)~ I wasn’t able to capture a proper photo but I gasped the moment this came out of the runway. I SWEAR I WILL BUY THIS PEPLUM DRESS. This note’s now plastered on my forehead. (Photo from The Ramp Facebook page)


Supermodel Ria Bolivar

Bet ko tong skirt na ito! Ostrich lang! 

LOVE!! <3

More spotting after the show!

Stylist Ms. Mikka Padua. She styled my sister on her first editorial ever on Total Girl mag. Such a stylish mommy blogger. Mother peg ko siya! 

With Mama Jenni Epperson and sistah Aryanna! Haha! Seriously, don’t we look like a stylish family? <3 

Sam Potenciano, Fashion editor of Candy magazine.

With blogger Patricia Prieto and supermodel Samantha Gomez, respectively. 

Jessica Yang! <3 I missed her last season! PFW is not the same without her! :)


The Ramp truly lived up to their slogan “A Mixology of Style”. I really can’t pinpoint exactly what their theme was but I love it! Now, I’m off to hoarding pieces and shopping till I drop! 


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Place mat

Hey guys! Officially starting my PFW Holiday 2012 posts! 

I’ve been watching fashions shows from both brands and designers every fashion week for 2 years now and they all never fail to impress me; each collection better than the next. Some brands don’t go back for a second show but The Ramp Crossings had their sophomore show and I’m glad they did because now, I want to hoard all of their pieces! 

I fell in love with this sheer button down back when I saw it in Rockwell right after the Candy Style Awards. The laser cut at the bottom was sooo cute. I wanted to buy it right away but problem is, I had no moolah with me so I asked Kuya Jeff, our family friend who brings me to everywhere a.k.a my driver (kidding!) haha!, if he can buy me that plus this cutout dress that I saw on the rack together with the button down (which I have to alter first ‘cause it’s a tad bit too big on me) but he told me, if he bought it, we would not eat anymore. And he was desperately hungry. Haha! I didn’t wanna leave Rockwell without it but I had to, mom was already worried ‘cause it was getting late and we were hungry already. Haha! 

So I was a bit sad that I didn’t get to buy it until my birthday came a long…Kuya Jeff surprised me with the button down and the cutout dress! Plus Serenitea milk tea! He’s a convert addict. :3 

While prepping up, I only then realized the laser cuts on my top looks like the pattern on our table place mats. Hehe. I’m weird like that. 

Since it’s The Ramp fashion show, I had to wear The Ramp of course! I bought this leather skirt months ago and at first, it didn’t go well with any of my tops. I almost forgot about it until I was digging in my closet finding what to pair with that top. Now, I shall only wear that skirt with my place mat button down. :p

Button down from Rockwell | Leather skirt from The Ramp | Pumps and tiger ring from Forever 21 (that I have overused and abused) | Clutch from SM Dept. Store | Fangs ring from Quintage | My cuff’s a gift from my mom! 

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More posts to come! :)


PFW Diaries: SM LADIES and Premiere Collection

I didn’t get to catch the first collection of SM LADIES ‘cause 1.) I still had school when everyone else was having their sem-break so I had to rush to SMX. 2.) It was so traffic due to the Black Eyed Peas concert. Such heavy traffic! 3.) I still had to rummage through my closet on what to wear so that took some time. Time, I was really racing with you. HAHA! 

So for S/S, from what I saw when I arrived inside Hall 2, SM had color-blocking and really kick ass shoes (courtesy of their brand Parisian), which I’m gonna have to hoard soon ‘cause that’s how much I love them! 

Thank you to SM Accessories for my tickets! Y’all know who I took with me. ;)

Was surprised to see this!

Black and white swimsuits. Classic!

…None other than Akiko! (Follow her blog and on Twitter!)

Told you I had no time. I really need to sort out my clothes. I felt so plain-Jane next to Akiko. I call it a disgrace! Haha!

While in line for the Premiere show, Akiko and I recognized this girl in front of us. Her name was in the tip of our tongues… and then finally… we recognized her as Jessa Ang! We follow her on Tumblr and we finally met her! She’s sooo nice! She asked for our blog URLs and now she’s following us. AWESOOOOOMEEE. 

Heee, we got to sit together! :D

(Last 2 photos from Jessa’s blog.)

And the show begins! First up: Derick Hibaler. From his AVP, and from what I read in the October issue of Preview magazine, he’s like the master of denim here in the Philippines. He can even create a pair just for you!

My good model friend, Ann Casas! :D

Melchor Guinto

My good model friend, Kuya Alvin!


Russel Villafuerte

Ulysses King

Oh looky! It’s Ivan Dorschner from PBB Teen Clash! 

Markki Stroem from Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1!

Troy Montero!

Veejay Floresca

Akiko with supermodel Pauline Prieto

With Pauline’s sister, Patricia.

With Danika Rio Navarro of hello-rio.com

Didn’t put my photos with those girls ‘cause I look so weird. HAHA! :)

Finally it’s Saturday! More posts coming up. :)


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Channeling Audrey

Black dress: Pink Manila at the Crossings Dept. Store | Shoes: Primadonna | Clutch: Forever 21 | Spiked cuff: H&M | Cocktail ring: Mango.

Like it HYPE it Lookbook and Chictopia! :)

So this is what I wore to my first PFW show this Spring/Summer 2012 season. I don’t have much photos ‘cause my sister isn’t patient. She doesn’t like taking photos! :| Anyway, I was shopping for a dress at the very last minute. My closet isn’t ‘fresh’, being the operative term, so I had to buy an outfit. I’ve been constantly going in circles at the Crossings department store finding what to wear. I suddenly came to a halt when I saw this mannequin wearing a black dress with a scarf; I told myself, “I think this would do.” 

And finally, I found something I would wear! Haha! I loved the fit of this dress. I definitely felt like Audrey Hepburn wearing this, hence the title. As they say, a little black dress goes a loooong way. It saved my day! :)

Finally wore my new shoes! I noticed that chunky heels look so good on me so I think I’ll buy more of those. :p My legs are so big! I really need to exercise more! (But I’m already underweight at 105 lbs. I really don’t know why. I eat a lot kaya! LOL.) I will really achieve those gorgeous Kendall Jenner legs. Let’s do this!


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